about baby help
aries baby: independent. much happier playing with blocks alone then playing patty cakes with others. they always look
out for their friends, but watch out if another baby takes their stuffed animal. an aries baby can be the biggest baby of them all.
taurus baby: dependable and persistent, so if they want their bottle, get it to them. quickly. or else. they are sensitive and easily have their feelings hurt. so don’t laugh at them when they drool. taurus babies can be lazy.  
gemini baby: never take your eyes off them, they are energetic and clever so a baby gate will only hold them for so long.
they enjoy experiencing things no matter what, so keep them away from the dog food bowl and electrical sockets.
cancer baby: you’re rubber, they’re glue. these babies are clingy. get used to doing things with one arm, because they’ll be in the other one. on the upside, they are loyal, dependable and caring.  
leo baby: they love to be the center of attention so make sure you cheer every roll over, sneeze and poopoo. they love
an audience…almost as much as applesauce.

virgo baby: virgo babies are very analytical and observant, so don’t freak out when they don’t laugh their heads off when
you’re playing peek-a-boo. they’re just trying to figure out how your face is disappearing. and even though they hate chaos and mess, they’ll still need a bib.

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